Expert Paid Ads Management Services

Designed to Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Targeted Business Leads

  • No Long Term Contracts (90-Day Minimum)
  • 10+ Years Google Partners
  • Dedicated Senior Campaign Manager
  • Build & Launch In 2 Weeks
  • We Manage & Optimize YOUR Google Ads Account
  • Lead Tracking & Call Tracking Management
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting


Our experts have more than a decade of training and knowledge AND are Google Partners. We will help your company earn a spot on page one of Google and help you turn quality website traffic into paying customers. We handle keyword and demographic targeting, landing page development, tracking & conversions... all of it, so you can sit back and measure your ROI.

Although Google Ad Management is our most popular service, including:

  • Text Ads
  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • YouTube/Video
  • Shopping

We can also help you manage ads on Facebook & Instagram, Bing & Yahoo (Microsoft Ad Center).


Website Analysis & Niche Research

(1) Our expert team will review your current website, brand, and target audience.

(2) Develop a clear understanding of how to position your business and your offers.

(3) Study your competition and identify holes and opportunities in your niche market.

Build & Launch (Takes 2 Weeks*)

IMPORTANT: Google Ad account access OR account set up is always in your own account. You own it!

(1) Each campaign is completely customized for your business.

(2) Keyword research and competitive research to find the best target keywords and negative keywords for your campaigns.

(3) Build out campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists, text ads, and display ads.

(4) Collaboration on promotions/offers and a clear direct call-to-action.

Our team will set up the Google Ad account (if needed), campaigns, ad groups, keyword targets, text ads, banner ads, location targeting, demographic targeting, day-parting, and budget. We will help install all of the tracking code for conversion tracking and remarketing. Once the setup is tested and complete, we will launch the campaign and start driving traffic!

Weekly Management Tasks

Our team will work inside your account multiple times a week to manage everything for you, including:

• Bids & Budget

• Ads (text ads, remarketing ads, ad extensions)

• Conversions and Conversion Optimization

• Keywords and Negative Keywords

• Split Tests and Experiments

Monthly Reporting & Transparency

Monthly reporting is delivered straight to your inbox! With all key performance metrics:

• Total Impressions

• Total Clicks

• Cost Per Click

• Click-Through Rate

• Conversions (phone calls and website forms)

• Cost per conversion

• Monthly Ad spend

From a transparency standpoint, we only build campaigns and ads in your Google Ads account. This means you'll have access to view the account at any time. In addition, you own all of the campaigns, and data in your account indefinitely.


Certified Google Ads Experts

Our PPC specialists understand advanced ad management strategies and can apply and test techniques quickly to expedite the optimization approach. Saving you time and money.

You Maintain Ownership & We Manage Your Account

Every campaign is 100% exclusive for your business. We will create the Ad account for you , or ask to be invited to your current ad account. We want you to have full transparency, and you will because you always own the assets (the ad account & the campaigns).

More Qualified, Targeted Traffic to Your Offers

Increase traffic, leads, and sales by leveraging our PPC experts to boost your company's bottom line using proven industry-leading strategies.

Direct Response Copywriting

Make sure the ad is written to outperform your competition so you get the click, make sure your landing page has a great headline and supporting text. Give your business the best opportunity to get the most desired action (phone call and/or contact reqeust).

Ongoing Communication

You will receive detailed monthly reports, however, if you have a question, a new offer, a hair-brained idea, a need to pause certain campaigns, a desire to expand your budget, a new area you're serving, or any other topic... we're all ears! We want to know, so we can make the necessary adjustments! Unique to PPC is we can make adjustments quickly (unlike SEO), so let's take advantage!


Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a type of online advertising where an individual or a company can pay the host (Google, Meta, Microsoft) to showcase your advertisement on specific keyword searches, demographics, interests, or behaviors. When someone clicks on your ad, then you pay the host for that click (based on the competitive nature of the keyword, or demographic).

When you partner with us, we'll perform a full audit of your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or Meta accounts (if you have them) and your website, which will help us determine a scalable strategy to help increase your company's bottom line while reducing ad costs.  

We're committed to grow your brand online as if it was our own. Our team will work as a business partner because put simply, we don't grow if you don't grow.  


Get your business noticed at the top of search engine results and attract high quality leads that convert.


Get targeted visitors with tailored campaigns built with pinpoint accuracy.


We're focused on the ongoing optimization of your campaigns. This is not a "set it and forget it" approach, but rather, we are always looking for ways to improve by driving impressions and clicks and conversions up and your cost per click down.


  • To always look out for your best interests. 
  • To be ethical in our approach when managing your advertising and marketing efforts. 
  • To be transparent with our fees and the work we do within your advertising accounts so you'll never question where your money is going.  
  • To help you produce as many TARGETED LEADS as possible. Your leads are your leads. We do not share your leads with anyone else. We love seeing our clients get leads. Our team takes this very seriously.
  • To never hold you hostage. When you partner with us, you will always own your paid advertising accounts (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads), your company website accounts (domain name, website content and hosting), and your analytics accounts.
  • Focused on establishing a long-term, profitable, win-win relationship with our clients.

Check out some of the clients we've helped increase phone calls and service requests for.

Home Services

A family-owned heating, air conditioning and plumbing business that came to Online Visibility Pros producing barely any leads from the internet to over 1,200 EXCLUSIVE leads in their first 12 months of our lead generation campaign.  

[Read the Case Study]  

Construction Services

A general contracting firm that specializes in custom home building and luxury remodeling that went from producing zero online leads to 31.5 EXCLUSIVE leads per month by leveraging proven digital marketing strategies & techniques.  

[Read the Case Study]  

Healthcare Services

A general dental practice has generated EXCLUSIVE leads from the Internet to help double the size of their business with strategic lead generation campaigns focused around local SEO, Google Search Ads and Google Remarketing Ads.  

[Watch Video Testimonial] 


The team at Online Visibility Pros have brought on so many more customer leads for our business! They redesigned our website and optimized our SEO. The whole process was easy as their attention to detail was top notch. They created content with our brand and tone in mind. I've worked with other SEO companies in the past but none come close to the amount of specialized attention to our business that Online Visibility Pros have provided. Lead generation has increased and our business is continuing to grow thanks to this team. I highly recommend their service!

Ryan Johnson Owner, Certizona Fire & Safety

I knew it was time to do something with my website and crank up my SEO and I wanted to figure out how to stay busy during the summers which were my slow season. In the beginning, I was a little nervous because I didn't really know what to expect. Now, after working with OVP for a year, I can say it's been unbelievable, it's great. The whole experience has been smooth and everyone on the team has been easy to work with. Just knowing that I have been able to double my traffic and clicks, and more than quadruple my leads in just one year is awesome. I'm very happy with the way things have gone. OVP's become my outsourced internet marketing department and I am loving it!

Bill Schumann Owner, AZ Banners

Online Visibility Pros really helped me take my audio visual service company to the next level. To sum it all up, OVP first completely transformed my company website from a liability to a very valuable asset for my business. Next they enhanced our online presence outside our website on social media sites and customer review sites. And then they did their SEO magic which got our company to rank at the top of the search engines for our target keywords. This got the phone to start ringing and estimate requests to start being submitted through the website by the exact clients we were looking to do business with. And it was all done for me. What a beautiful thing.

Justin Kane Owner, Infinity HD

I can't say enough about Online Visibility Pros! They have gone above and beyond to help us grow our business. They also have a lot of creative ideas and tools! Thank you.

Melissa Crawford Co-owner, Empire Pump

Online visibility Pros have been an amazing addition to my company. They are very detailed in the way they approach taking your company to the next level.

Matt Palmer Owner, Edgewater Design Company

Online Visibility Pros really helped me take my audio visual service company to the next level. To sum it all up, OVP first completely transformed my company website from a liability to a very valuable asset for my business. Next they enhanced our online presence outside our website on social media sites and customer review sites. And then they did their SEO magic which got our company to rank at the top of the search engines for our target keywords. This got the phone to start ringing and estimate requests to start being submitted through the website by the exact clients we were looking to do business with. And it was all done for me. What a beautiful thing.

Justin Kane Owner, Infinity HD

We have searched for a full service digital marketing company for years. After being over promised and under delivered 5 times we found OVP! They did a full competive analysis for our website and digital marketing presence. They give you a choice of package options which we loved we started with the lowest package due to cashflow. After this went live for 6 months our cash flows increased enough to go with the top package that starts next month!

Dave Pappas Co-owner, Fingerprinting Express

Online Visibility Pros has been doing our website/seo/marketing for a long time now and a lot of our success goes to them. The team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling loves working with them and if you're looking for marketing company that truly cares about growing your business, give them a call.

Justin Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling

I needed help to create an online marketing plan for my electromagnetic field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) testing and consulting company. The website, search engine optimization and social media marketing were the areas of focus. We chose to work with Online Visibility Pros and have been very impressed with their diligent and creative work. They started with a deep analysis of our web presence, our competition and created a plan. After implementing the plan we are getting internet leads into the business and when you search EMF or RF plus a city, you see our website there. We have enjoyed our experience and the results. The team at Online Visibility Pros are experts in their field!

Peter Sierck Owner, Environmental Testing & Technology

This is a true 5 Star Company. They are passionate about their work and care about their clients. A real pleasure to work with and they get result

Thomas Green Owner, Ethical Marketing

They are very professional and effective, thanks to Online Visibility Pros our business increased sales notoriously. We are extremely happy and satisfied with their work. We highly recommend them.

Roberto Juarez Owner, Desert Dreamco

I own a general contracting business and I've been using Online Visibility Pros to help with my online marketing for a few years now. I continue to get a steady flow of leads and sales through my website, and that was my goal all along. I think the best part is having a company I can trust to handle all my website, SEO, video marketing and email marketing. Over the years, I've worked with them to make adjustments to my marketing as my business became more focused specific locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale and specific kinds of buyers. OVP has been a real asset to my business and they've helped me grow my business.

Mike Christensen Owner, Peak One Builders

Online Visibility Pros are the ultimate professionals. Their work is stellar, their communication is stellar and their commitment to satisfy their client is remarkable. I can't recommend them highly enough. I promise, you will be just as happy as I am.

Thomas Osterman Owner, Osterman Real Estate

I heard about Online Visibility Pros from a client of mine who mentioned them and how well they had done for his company. I was in need of help with my websites. So I contacted them. From the beginning Online Visibility Pros has been professional and responsive. They have done an outstanding job with my websites. Not only do they make an amazing website, but they build it and manage it in such a way as to have it rank high on searches. My website has worked so well that I have asked them to slow down whatever they are doing because I had been overwhelmed with new business being generated from my website. What they do, it works! Online Visibility Pros is the real deal. They do what they say and stand by their work. I have been through several website and marketing companies. None of them did anything close to what Online Visibility Pros has done for me, and they will do the same for you!

Bill Mease Owner, Master Accounting and Tax Service

Brian has been a phenomenal partner to us -- continuously pushing us in the right direction to gain more online authority and improve our sales funnel. We brought Brian onboard to help us rebuild our online presence as we rebranded our organizational focus and target market. He has exceeded our expectations with his ability to always deliver on-time and with very high levels of quality. We are excited to continue building our relationship with Brian and Online Visibility Pros.

Mathieu Glaude Owner, Northern Block

Krysti and Brian are amazing!!! They have helped with our online marketing immensely!!!

Sarah Purifoy Veriti Consulting

Very good experience working with these guys for more than five years now. They are very responsive and get back to me right away. We are able to easily create exactly what I want with minimum of fuss.

Tanya Shively Owner, Sesshu Design Associates

Brian has excellent skills to lead a team. He understands what it takes to make a successful project and what processes are vital to this. We have worked together on building websites using WordPress and his understanding of the platform is excellent. I know confidently while working for Brian that he will be able to keep the quality of the WordPress project in excellent condition and best serve the client. I have enjoyed our collaboration and do highly recommend working with him!

Cody Landefield Owner, Cody L

I own and run 2 businesses, and I worked with the team at Online Visibility Pros to help me develop logos, print materials, tri-folds, and other promotional materials. They also helped both businesses get set up on Social Media so we look professional and have consistent branding across the internet. The team at OVP has been easy to work with, responsive, and the quality of the work they produce would always meet our exceed my expectations. I highly recommend them if you need help making your business more visible online and stand out from the crowd.

Jason Taylor Owner, Otherside Ministries

Online Visibility Pros has been game-changing for us! I highly recommend them for your marketing and promotion needs!

Erin Tobin Owner, One Teacher


What is PPC? 

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”, also known as CPC or Cost Per Click.  

Essentially you are renting advertising and paying the ad platform every time someone clicks on your advertisement. This also means you don’t pay unless someone actually clicks on your ad. 

Why do I need a PPC campaign?

PPC advertising is one of the most powerful tools for businesses looking to get in front of a targeted audience FAST! By buying positioning in front of a specific audience of people that you know are looking for what you have to offer, you’re able to send highly targeted traffic to your website to help generate more leads and business.  

When executed and managed properly, PPC advertising is a very powerful and profitable marketing strategy. 

What advertising platforms do you assist with?

Here at OVP the majority of the campaigns we run are on Google Ads, Microsoft Ad Center (Yahoo and Bing Ad network), and the Facebook Ad Platform.  

Within each ad platform, there are various types or styles of campaigns. For example, if you’re running campaigns via Google Ads, you can run text ads, banner ads, remarketing ads, YouTube ads, etc.

When will I see results?

Once the campaign logistics are handled and we are able to turn on the PPC campaigns, you’ll get traffic immediately.  

We will be gathering data in real-time and making any necessary adjustments to your campaign to optimize performance. 

Our goal is to get qualified leads as quickly as possible, however, depending on the niche, budget, offers and competition can impact the timeline.

Month 1 – Mostly data collection and setup, it’s likely to get conversions, however, the best performance will come as we focus down and test effectively.

Month 2 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, focus on campaigns that are performing better, optimize for better conversions.

Month 3 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, tweak campaigns, move more budget into the best performing campaigns and pause campaigns that are underperforming.

Ongoing months – Rinse and repeat month 3, we will continue to eliminate what’s not performing, test new keywords and ads, and move your budget into what is working the best, conversions will continue to grow and we will focus on lowering cost per click will month over month.

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