Social Media Branding On Steroids

Here’s what’s important to know about social media marketing – it’s evolving and changing at lightning speed! Five years ago, businesses weren’t convinced that spending time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube would help them find new customers and earn new sales. Now things have drastically changed…

77% of Business-to-Consumer Companies Are Using Facebook To Snag New Customers… Even Business-to-Business companies need to know how to leverage the incredible power of social media because that’s where their target market is spending time online!

If you or one of your front office staff has created your company’s social media pages and they don’t represent your business in the best light possible, chances are your business is losing the trust of your target market and missing out on crucial sales.

The Problems With Trying To Do The Work Yourself

If you decide to create a properly optimized social media foundation and plan for your business yourself, you will need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in learning all the ins and outs of social media and search engine optimization. This includes but is not limited to: Google reputation management, social media profile and page optimization for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

It's Too Hard And Time Consuming
To Learn All Of This Social Media Optimization Stuff Let Alone Making
Sure It's All Done Right

With OVP's Social Media Remodel Program, we use our experience and expert knowledge in the social marketing business to ensure your business image and the message you convey online is consistent across all of the social media platforms.

Typically our customers ask us to match their social media branding to their website design, which is no problem at all. Your business message and brand will convey who you are and how you can help your customers’ and this message will be consistent and congruent across the major social media websites. That means tag-lines, blurbs and graphics show a consistent look and feel across all your online pages.

Client Testimonials

"Online Visibility Pros has helped me with my social media so that it’s cohesive, it’s clear, there’s a message and people actually get drawn into it so it does help me with my leads and the weekly blog posts that OVP does for me helps me convert those leads into high quality conversions. There are a few things that impress me with OVP. One is just the quality of what they’re giving me. I have look at other social media marketers where I don’t think they are giving me anything I can’t do by myself and sometimes I feel like I can do it better."

Andrew F.

Owner, Fitness Business

"I want to talk about the great job that Online Visibility Pros did for me with my social media campaign. Online Visibility Pros really are pros and me being a marketer, I really appreciate when other marketers and they were able to help me quickly and understand what I was talking about when it came to integrating all of my social media so it looks exactly like my website. They’re students of direct response advertising as am I and that’s why I would highly recommend them to help you with your marketing. Its not like all the other Internet marketing guys who have never done it. This is the real deal. They get marketing besides getting the online component, so give them a shot."

Chuck Trautman

Founder, Arizona Marketig Association

"When I started with Online Visibility Pros, the first thing they did was set my business up on all of the major social media channels that my clients spend time on. This has given my firm extra business visibility and credibility that we never had before. Thank you so much for all of your help Online Visibility Pros! I couldn’t have done it without you."

Randy J.

Owner, Accounting Firm

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